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In the British ISR Market Assessment, Israel, China, Germany, South Africa and Korea (and many others) were left out. I would wager that Google Search would show that the left out countries have as much, if not more, ISR technology than all the countriess surveyed. I know for a fact that South Africa and Britain are depending Israeli and Chinese ISR technology for the 2010 World Soccer Festival and 2012 Summer Olympics, respectively. ISR is much more than war fighting capabilities in the 21st Century. Real Market Assessmenrt must reflect this. An excellent example is the oil flow in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the next 10 years more ISR funds will be spent on tracking the oil flow than has been spent on ISR to date in the last 10 years. I encourage any, and all, counter points. I believe that those counterpoints are on very thin ice. Richard Wagaman God Father of Predator and Reaper

Author: rtwagaman
Posted: 05/23/2016
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