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In a PowerPoint made on the &quote;Miracle at Cortez&quote; at (got there after reading about it on U-2's Wiki page, interesting story of U-2 crash landing in civilian airport 9 months before Francis Powers got shot down!), Slide 25 features a black patch of U-2 over Western Hemisphere and a green dragon hugging the U-2. &quote;U-2 Dragon Lady&quote; runs above the globe and &quote;In God we trust, all others we monitor&quote; below. A very catchy phrase(perhaps provocative to some), I googled it and found out it's the motto of &quote;Air Force Technical Applications Center&quote; - who does surveillance. My question is, a)Who design/makes these military patches (I've seen such a wide range of arts, signs, symbols, even Felix carrying a bomb) b)are they allowed to copy other unit's quotes/mottos, even if they're not from the same unit?

Author: periplus
Posted: 05/23/2016
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