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I have an openin for the following skillset for a government contract: Position Description The ideal candidate will be: A retired US Army Warrant Officer in the grade of WO-3 to WO-5 who has extensive experience with the Army Logistics STAMIS described below. A Military Occupation Code (MOS) of 920A or 920B. Located in the Central Atlantic Area * NJ, PA, MD. Ten or more years experience in the US Army Logistics domain Knowledge of US Army logistics policies and procedures Knowledge of US Army logistics systems and tools for supply chain, maintenance, sustainment (e.g SAMS-E, SARSS, PBUSE, ULLS-G, TAMSS, AMSS Knowledge of US Army Logistics Support Activity Systems and Tools (e.g. LIW, LIDB, ILAP, etc.) Ability to support development of software system requirements for government contractor developing logistics data collection and analysis system, including interfaces with existing and planned data repositories and systems. Outstanding verbal and written communication skills; strong cross-group collaboration skills. You can email me at

Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Posted: 05/23/2016
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