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I have a design for a new type of electric motor it could have better than 10 or more times the power developed than existing madels. I have had 3 Ph.D Professors look at the drawings and they agree it is far superior in theory than what is available right now. I am seeking a partner or partners with experience and funding availablity to share in the vast rewards of this design. It should be capable of replacing the diesel engines in forward deployed combat vehicles. This would reduce the noise in vehicles on front lines and increae stealth significantly. Secondly there would be no explosive or flamable fuels. A sealed system would prevent dust and sand from causing irreprable damages. I have 10 years experience as a stationary plant engineer, diesel mechanic, turbines, gas & steam, boilers, feed water systems, Kuno evaporators, and mechanic for small boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles. Schools: Machinery Tech's A school 72%, Motor Mechanics Insitute 88%, Advanced engine technolgies 98.5%. I have researched this extensively and found nothing like it on the market or in pre-production stages. I am willing to share credit for the development and genorously share the profits. Richard Abel 541-783-2075 POB 1277 Chiloquin, Or. 97624

Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Posted: 05/23/2016
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