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I am a PhD candidate and I am in a dissertation that will center on a soldier's perspective on how PTSD affects their abilities to do better in college or graduate school. I am also a veteran of 24 years in the military (four in the Navy and twenty in the Army). For my work, there will be a questionnaire for you to look at (I've got another member of the blogs to review it). This questionnaire is still in the construction phase and I hope to be able to get interviews from men and women that served in any recent conflict from Desert Storm forward to today. I want to study how the condition (PTSD) is hindering any forward progress that could be made if someone were to only listen. I've been through the &quote;red tape&quote; that stops us all from reaching our goals and I want to get the story from the horse's mouth on how well (or not) the &quote;system&quote; is working to get what the vet thinks they need for be successful! There are very many reasons why veterans do not get the full benefits of the GI Bill. Most of these are not the fault of the vet but that of the system and penetrating the barriers that would at least make transition smoother. I want to compose a paper that will open up avenues for those that have served in a modern and confusing battlefield where there are no sets of rules of engagement and not much help from those that should be. In short, I want to listen and report on what I find in the hopes of getting help…more of it. I want you to speak out on how you feel things are being accomplished on your behave. Let me know how I can listen. All interested vets that want to talk on their issues briefly, please let me know.

Author: gee_cubed
Posted: 05/23/2016
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