Stiletto ISR Solution Demonstration

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Stiletto ISR Solution Demonstration

April 22 (Miami) - Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) announced that an Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) solution for Stiletto and other fast patrol craft will be demonstrated at the Maritime Homeland Security Summit on April 27th.

Mr. Larry Wiley, an accomplished Senior Systems Engineer from the Naval Surface Warfare Center and Mr. Kevin Poe of Azimuth, Inc. will host "Stiletto / Craft Integrated Electronics Suite™ (CIES) for Maritime ISR & Littoral-Riverine Activities." This solution consists of:

  • CIES, a software/hardware suite designed by Azimuth that integrates all onboard engineering, external operational data, communications and sensor systems.
  • Mesh network created by CoCo Communications, hosted on American Reliance (AMREL) computing platforms, ties in the boat’s systems to a UAV, external sensors, satellite networks, the Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) launched from the Stiletto, and the SEAL team deployed on the RHIB.
  • Mobile devices provided by AMREL, including the RHIB’s rugged mobile server, the team’s PDAs, and tablets used by the RHIB’s coxswain & deployed team.
CIES offers total onboard integration to the boat’s entire crew. All onboard displays have complete access to navigation, intelligence, sensor information and other relevant data. Integration is extended over the "Last Tactical Mile" to the action team via CoCo’s mesh network. This allows forward deployed handheld communications devices to function as repeaters, thus extending the communications footprint.

By dramatically increasing the operational communications footprint, situational awareness is radically augmented. For example, the Stiletto pilot, the RHIB’s officer, and the deployed team on target can simultaneously view the same real-time video feed provided by the UAV. Inversely, the deployed team can stream data back to the Stiletto or other command elements.

In addition to the usual maritime issues posed by moisture, salt and corrosion, the brutal vibrations of the super-fast Stiletto and other in-service small craft present special challenges. AMREL, a computer manufacturer well known for their ROCKY line, was chosen, because of the proven toughness of their multiple mobile platforms.

Space, weight and power were also critical considerations. The deployable server onboard the RHIB uses the "19/2" series, a powerful energy-efficient unit that’s less than half the size of traditional form factors.
Where: Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel, Miami, Florida
When: 5:00 PM, Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Contact: Kris Indseth, AMREL’s Director of Polymetrics or Luke McKinney, AMREL’s Business Development, East Coast at 1(800) 882-6735

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