The Top Six Priorities for Border Security in 2019

Implementing Next Generation Technology, Infrastructure, and Policies for Safe and Secure Borders

Ahead of the Border Management Summit, taking place this December 5-6 in San Antonio, we took a look at the border-related investments in the President’s FY 2019 Budget request. The Department of Homeland Security FY 2019 Budget requests over $2.2 billion for high-priority investments in border security technology, infrastructure, and equipment to help CBP prevent, detect, and interdict illegal border crossings.


“I think the fiscal 2019 budget request for border security is certainly aggressive. The president has focused very much on securing the border. Securing the border obviously comes in many forms, but I
think what he’s focusing on is making sure that we are arresting those that illegally cross the border. Then obviously there is the immigration issue, which is certainly something separate from what we would
call border security. A lot of folks don’t separate
that, but we must separate border security from
immigration. I think what you’re going to see over
the next few months is certainly depend on the president, the new election and so forth. Perhaps we will see supplemental border bills coming up. I think the Border Management Summit will be very
timely for us to take a look at how the November elections turned out. And perhaps based on some of that, we will want to ask some of the thought leaders that will be accompanying me at this event a few