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LTC William Geesey of Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care

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The United States Army currently has over 550,000 soldiers who serve on active duty. This does not include soldiers who have been activated from the National Guard or Reserve to support combat operations in Iraq or Afghanistan. The National Guard and Reserve presently have 85,000 soldiers activated to support operations, putting the Army at over 650,000 individuals serving. And in the United States or overseas there are detailed medical records for each of these individuals.

What happens when an individual who is on a patrol becomes a casualty due to enemy contact? Precious minutes and seconds in transport can determine the long-term well being or even survival of that soldier. The ability for a medic, PA or surgeon to instantly have access to that soldier’s medical history and file can provide precious time needed to save a life.

The Army’s Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) is the solution to the time and transfer issue. Instant downloading and full visibility of a soldier’s record is now a reality. The US Army’s effort to streamline the process is a huge step forward in the tracking and availability of electronic health records. Listen in this podcast as LTC William Geesey the Product Manager for MC4 talks about how the system is aiding warfighters downrange and domestically.

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