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Has any Army or Marine PM for weapons contacted Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc? As a retired Special operations Col and currently VP for a company that builds equipment for DoD,I had the oppurtunity to see first hand the benfits of their weapons in both the .308 and .223 cal. I also know for a fact that a couple of DoD units are currently using their equipment. There have been some remarkable shots with the above two systems and even with a very short barrel on the .308 hits at 900+ were recorded. All of these weapons are a gas piston system that requires NO Lub and the bolt has a floating cam. this allows for faster cool downs and a barrel life of 300,000 + rounds. A recommendation: Have the Army/Marines aquire a couple of just the upper receives and replace the upper on the current M4's and or other .223 systems and allow the boots on the ground to test these outstanding weapons out! Also recommend that they use the P415-416-BP-223 upper

Author: delta6
Posted: 05/23/2016
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