Tom Donilon Resigns as Security Adviser, Susan Rice Takes Over

Mike O'Brien

President Obama’s National Security Adviser Tom Donilon is resigning and will be replaced by Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. who was heavily criticized for her handling of the Benghazi aftermath.

Mr. Donilon, 58, will step down early next month. The President is expected to announce the changes on Wednesday afternoon.

Ms. Rice’s appointment, which does not require Senate confirmation, is sure to outrage congressional Republicans.

She is a key ally of Mr. Obama and the administration has been accused of inconsistency and a cover-up over the Benghazi attacks that left four Americans dead.

Ms. Rice, who is outspoken on human rights, originally said the attacks were spontaneous acts of violence, which turned out to be untrue.

She is a confidante of the President and began working for him during his 2008 campaign. Her role as U.N. ambassador will be filled by former White House adviser Samantha Power.

During his tenure, Mr. Donilon oversaw a foreign policy that placed greater emphasis on America’s ties with Asia.

He has played a major role in the counterterrorism strategy, which included the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, the Associated Press reports.

Before he departs, Mr.Obama will go on a trip to Europe and Africa. The President is also scheduled to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in California this week.

Mr. Xi has already made stops in the Caribbean and Latin America, where he has presented the Beijing regime as an important partner for developing countries.

He has already handed out nearly $4 billion in loans along with promises to boost imports.

According to AP data, China has seen annual growth in excess of 10 percent in six of the past 10 years and by 2012 the communist country was a bigger trading partner than the United States for 128 countries, with the U.S. ahead in just 72.

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