Army Expands Corporate Training Opportunities Down Command Chain

Non-commissioned officers (NCOs) now have the chance to participate in the U.S. Army’s Training With Industries program, which enables military personnel to broaden their professional development by working with corporations in year-long training assignments.

In the TWI program, soldiers work at participating companies to gain experience they otherwise would not receive in Army schools or civilian universities or colleges.

Following their completion of the program, the participants are placed in active-duty positions for two to three years.

The program includes participation from 75 companies including Google, Exxon, Microsoft, Sears, Amtrak, USAA, Turner Broadcasting and UPS, among others.

According to an article on the Army Times website, "TWI is viewed as a type of broadening assignment that takes soldiers out of the normal career track for their MOS but that provides skills and learning that contribute to their leadership development and usually are viewed with favor by senior NCO promotion boards.

"Other broadening opportunities include:

  • Assignments as an adviser to a Reserve unit
  • Service on the Army Staff at the Pentagon
  • Equal opportunity NCO
  • Inspector general NCO
  • Drill sergeant
  • Detailed recruiter."

As of mid-April, more than 60 soldiers had completed TWI assignments, according to the website.

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