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LTC Robert Myles form PEO Soldier Discusses the Improvements to the Armys Protective Items

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Program Executive Officer Soldier (PEO Soldier) performs a critical role in the arming and protection of soldiers serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Battlefield casualties occurring overseas are a problem throughout the entire military, and the Army is no exception. However, the recent improvements in the Army’s body armor and combat helmet has paved the way for protecting troops against a wide array of threats. This includes both direct fire and indirect fire sources such as growth in IED and EFP emplacement by the insurgents.

Most of the counterinsurgency operations involve direct engagement with local populace in Iraq and now as we see the shift and troop surge to Afghanistan. The surge also brings with it higher casualty rates as more soldiers are exposed to the hostile and challenging Afghanistan environment. PEO Soldier takes this threat to heart and develops and implements the best equipment available for soldiers in the fight.

Whether it be on a combat support role or the line units engaged directly in the fight, soldier equipment in the Global War on Terror is critical to mission success. Lieutenant Colonel Robert Myles serves as the Program Manager for Soldier Survivability, one of the most important roles in PEO Soldier. He is charged with the R&D and fielding side of the Army’s body armor and all individual soldier protection. In this podcast, listen as Lt. Col. Myles talks about the great strides the Army has taken to lighten the load in the development of improved line items such as the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH).

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