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LTC Lehner, Program Manager Individual Weapons (PEO Soldier), Talks About the Revolutionary XM-25

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The U.S. Army has always been on the innovative edge of technology when dealing with weapons systems and soldier protection. The Army is constantly experiencing growth in programs to include individual weapons, as seen with the M-4 Carbine, the 240B as a crew-swerved weapon and the latest future weapon, the XM-25.

The XM-25 is officially referred to as the Counter Defilade Target Engagement System (CDTE) with the 25 designating a 25MM projectile. The weapon system is unique and will ultimately change the overall composition of an Infantry type unit and function.

The maturation of weapons programs can take years during the innovation and mastering of functionality and production. Having recently successfully run a test firing of the XM-25, the Army is now putting it through the rigors of testing and evaluation before the rapid fielding to the forces. LTC Lehner heads up the Individual Weapons directorate at PEO Soldier and serves as the Program Manager. Having an Infantry and Special Forces background, his unique real world exposure to threats and engagements makes him a likely fit for future weapons for the US Army. Listen in on this podcast as LTC Lehner and Andrew Cline (Division Chief) discuss the background and functionality of the XM-25 and how it will impact how we fight.

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