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Lt. Col. Pasagian Discusses Marine Corps Improvements in Body Armor and Infantry Combat Equipment

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The United States Marine Corps’ history of pride and professionalism has transcended American history throughout each and every conflict of the Armed Forces. This is also true regarding the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the biggest challenges in keeping Marines around the world safe are the dangers faced during an insurgency battle. The military successes of Iraq are being applied in theory and practice to the mountains of Afghanistan; but with these practices always come equipment challenges.

Marine Corps System Command (MARCORSYSCOM), based in Quantico, VA, is charged with keeping Marines on the frontlines the most lethal fighting force, while also giving them the tools and equipment to improve marine safety. The officer who is specifically responsible for Marine infantrymen safety, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Pasagian. Lt. Col. Pasagian is the program manager for the United States Marine Corps Infantry Combat Equipment (ICE). He is directly responsible for all the body armour that a Marine infantryman wears during combat in all operational environments, including both Iraq and Afghanistan. His personal experiences on the frontlines in Somalia in the early ‘90s and the invasion of Iraq, allow him to know firsthand the importance of military body armour for the Marines on the frontlines.

Lt. Col. Pasagian speaks about the Marines' newest efforts in their body armour systems. Specifically, Pasagian discusses the Modular Tactical Vest (MTV) and how it is being utilized on the frontlines of Iraq and the troop surge in Afghanistan.

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