Timothy Werle

Captain Los Angeles Fire Department

Captain Tim Werle is an active duty Fire Captain II/Paramedic with the Los Angeles City Fire Department and currently serves as Urban Search and Rescue Taskforce Commander at Fire Station 85 in the Harbor City. He has been a nationally registered paramedic since 1994. Captain Werle has served on Incident Management Teams since 2008 as a Lead GIS Specialist and a Planning Section Chief. He has been developing incident action plans, event action plans, evacuation plans and all-risk hazard assessment plans for the last 11 years. He joined the WIFIRE team to consult on the user interface and model accuracy in 2015. When FIRIS was funded in 2019, Captain Werle was appointed to manage the Southern California Wildland Fusion Center. Captain Werle has modeled 100's of fires and is the leading expert in Fusion Center Intel.

Conference Day Two

Thursday, June 4th, 2020

12:30 Modelling, Prediction and Response with WIFIRE

WIFIRE is a program started by UC San Diego, LA and Orange County that consists of a laboratory and aerial firefighting recon and response team that together conducts fire modelling and simulation of potential paths for wildfires which they then use to communicate to firefighting teams on the ground. Members of the WIFIRE team will speak about their experiences and potential application of similar programs for local, state and federal agencies.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Timothy.

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