Moritz Steller

Data Science Architect Booz Allen Hamilton

Moe Steller works as a Data Science Architect/Sr. Lead Data Scientist for Booz Allen Hamilton and consults for the VA Financial Service Center since March 2019. Moe has over 9 years of experience in Deep/Machine Learning and Data Sciences with a strong focus on medical and financial healthcare data. Over the past years, Moe fulfilled many roles from data engineering/data warehousing to machine learning/AI Services. His role at Booz Allen Hamilton focuses on leading practical and strategic Data and AI platform efforts specializing in Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, and newer Machine Learning trends such as MLOps or AutoML. Moe’s goals are to revolutionize high risk industries with AI and helping the VA FSC enabling their cloud platform capabilities integrating AI Services. As an alumnus of Harvard University, Moe is invited to speak once a semester on current topics in data science at Harvard University.

Main Day Two

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

9:45 AM Panel Discussion: Financial & Healthcare Data Analytics Services Advancements

  • Data science opportunities to address current gaos
  • Architecture and Governance developments for 21st century healthcare data
  • Services advancements

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Moritz.

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