Driving Excellence across Healthcare & Delivery for our Nation’s Veterans

Across the entirety of the United States Government, there is no priority more imperative than that of providing the highest-quality care to our nation’s Veterans with the world-class benefits and services they have rightfully earned.

This ever-important and rapidly evolving mission set of the US Department of Veterans Affairs has experienced numerous changes and updates over the past year as a result of transformative change across healthcare and healthcare delivery the likes of which the world has never seen.

In order to better understand the US Department of Veteran Affairs’ priorities and emerging initiatives meeting this newfound healthcare environment, IDGA is pleased to host our 14th iteration of our VA Healthcare Summit Series. Assisting in the Department’s acceleration and modernization efforts has long since been one of IDGA’s most crucial goals, one we are pleased to again provide for the benefit of the US Veterans, their families, caregivers, survivors, the community’s the VA serves, and the Nation at large.

IDGA's Veterans Healthcare Summit is now in its 14th year, and is an industry-wide staple for those supporting the VA’s evolving mission set. Our partners across the Military, Government, Private Healthcare, academia and consultant communities have consistently made this event a marquee gathering for those senior stakeholders.

With a Summit regularly hosting over 350+ attendees, this engagement opportunity will provide those leaders across the VA Healthcare ecosystem the chance to learn, share, and connect with our Nation’s Veterans to improve health, access, and delivery to meet any future obstacle and opportunity!

We look forward to seeing you at the VA Healthcare Summit this May!

*Although the subject matter of this IDGA conference relates to VA healthcare, this is a non-VA event. IDGA is solely responsible for its content and neither the Department of Veterans Affairs nor any of its components (VHA, VBA) have sponsored or endorsed this event or IDGA.*

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