Dr. Eric Dufek

Energy Storage Group Lead Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Eric Dufek is Idaho National Laboratory’s energy storage group lead, overseeing 15 research scientists, engineers and interns and coordinating projects and strategic planning in energy storage R&D. He is principal investigator and technical lead on multiple projects related to electrochemical processing and electrolyte development for increased stability and safety in Lithium-ion batteries. He is the lab’s core liaison with the Department of Energy and private sector customers, in charge of energy storage business development. He is active in collaboration with multiple universities, national laboratories and private sector companies. He received his bachelor’s in chemistry from the University of South Dakota and his doctorate in Analytical Chemistry (Electrochemistry) from the University of Wyoming. Before joining INL in 2010 he was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Utah.


​Ph.D., Analytical (Electrochemistry) Chemistry - University of Wyoming

B.S., Chemistry - University of South Dakota


​Electrochemical Society
American Chemical Society
Reviewer for Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Journal of Power Sources and International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems and Journal of Applied Electrochemistry
Proposal reviewer for the Vehicle Technologies Office in DOE-EERE, and DOE-OS Basic Energy Sciences
Program Chair 2015 Northwest Regional (NORM) American Chemical Society Meeting
Local American Chemical Society (Idaho Section) Chair Elect and Chair of Local Section


Peer Reviewed Publications:

“Enabling fast charging – A battery technology gap assessment” Shabbir Ahmed et. al. J. Power Sources, 367 (2017), 250-262.


“Enabling fast charging – Vehicle Considerations” Andrew Meintz et. al J. Power Sources, 367 (2017), 216-227.


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Book Chapters

"Rotationally-Induced Hydrodynamics: Fundamentals and Applications to High Speed Bioassays", Gufeng Wang, Jeremy D. Driskell, April A. Hill, Eric J. Dufek, Robert J. Lipert and Marc D. Porter, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry (2010)3 (1), 387-407.


Proceedings and Transactions

“Enhancing Li-ion Battery Safety by Early Detection of Nascent Internal Shorts” Sergiy V. Sazhin, Eric J. Dufek and Kevin L. Gering, Electrochemical Society Transactions (2016), 73(1), 161-178.


"Electrochemical Systems for Production of Syngas and Co-Products" Tedd E. Lister, Eric J. Dufek and Simon G. Stone Electrochemical Society Transactions (2013).


"Bench-scale electrochemical production of synthesis gas" Eric J. Dufek, Tedd E. Lister and Michael E. McIlwain 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting Conference Proceedings (2012).


"Enhanced generation of syn-gas from the electroreduction of CO2 at elevated pressure" Eric J. Dufek, Tedd E. Lister and Michael E. McIlwain Preprints of Symposia-American Chemical Society, Division of Fuel Chemistry (2012), 57(1), 234-235.


​Klaehn, J. R.; Dufek, E. J.; Rollins, H. W.; Harrup, M. K.; Gering, K. L.;  “Electrolyte Solutions Including A Phosphoranimine Compound, And Energy Storage Devices Including Same,” US Patent 9,761,910.


 Lister, Tedd, Parkman, Jacob, Diaz Aldana, Luis A, Clark, Gemma, Dufek, Eric J., Keller, Philip “Electrochemistry Enabled Recovery of Value Metals from Electronics” – US Patent 9,777,346.


Oral Presentations (Invited)

“Impacts of Fast Charging at the Cell and Vehicle Level” Eric J. Dufek, Matt Shirk, Randy Bewley and Ryan Jackman, 2016 Battery Show (Sept. 13, 2016), Novi, MI.


"Battery Life Modeling-Prediction vs. Results" Jon P. Christophersen, Eric J. Dufek, and Chinh D. Ho, 2015 Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (June 15-19), Detroit, MI.


"Small to Large Scale Energy Storage, Monitoring, and Security" Eric J. Dufek, Federal Laboratory Symposium (Mar. 24-26), College Park, MD.


"Bench-Scale Electrochemical Production of Synthesis Gas", Eric J. Dufek, Tedd E. Lister and Michael E. McIlwain, 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting (Oct. 2012), Pittsburgh, PA.


Surface enhanced Raman scattering as a readout strategy for immunodetection", Marc D. Porter and Eric J. DufekInvited Presentation. Particles 2010 (May 22-25) Orlando, FL.

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