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Welcome to the IDGA’s 14th Operational Energy Summit, focused on helping our military to face challenges and opportunities to use energy to maximize force effectiveness.  This summit will once again be the annual comm ...

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The Year Ahead: Advancements in Operational Energy and Their Impact On Soldier Lethality

In October 2017, the Acting Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff of the Army established six Army modernization priorities to focus future investments. 6th on the list was soldier lethality. The delivery of accessible, renewable and powerful energy solutions will play a significant role in enhancing future operations...

Delivering Effective and Reliable Operational Energy for the US Military

IDGA has just released this exclusive Market report on Delivering Effective and Reliable Operational Energy for the US Military.This report will cover the following topic areas: State of the Sector Balancing Platform Power Installation Energy Hurdles Alternative Fuels and more

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After surveying our network, we found that 89% of military and government decision makers are seeking key insights, the latest developments and emerging technologies. IDGA's customized packages deliver multi-pronged, digital strategies that will help you engage with senior executives that your company targets and meet your business goals. Download the...

Whitepapers and In-Depth Reports

Volume 1 & 2: Operational Energy in Action

Energy is a fundamental enabler of military capability. The ability of the United States to project and sustain the power necessary for defense depends on the assured delivery of this energy. It must be available at home and abroad, across air, land and sea, often through adverse weather and against...

2019 Presentations

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and Its Military Applications

Discussion of accomplishments involving a commercially based fuel cell electric vehicle evaluationDiscussion of benefits of hydrogen fuel cells offer and the challenges that need to be overcomeBroad applications of fuel cell technology in the militaryKevin Centeck, Fuel Cell Technologies Team Lead, Ground Vehicle Power & Mobility, TARDEC

Reducing Energy Demands to Ensure Success in Multi-Domain Operations

Presentation by Colonel Christopher Corizzo, Chief, Sustainment Division ARCIC, US Army Multi-Domain OperationsModernization Priorities/Army Futures CommandDemand Reduction

Using Modeling & Simulation to Assess Operational Energy and Inform S&T Investments

Presentation by Brian A. Ernst, Team Lead, Operational & Trade Space Analysis, TARDEC, US ArmyOperational Energy Analysis Taskforce (OEATF)M&S Capabilities and Developed ScenariosExample Analyses

Operational Energy Analysis Support Using CBI Analysis Tools

Presentation by Raymond Folden, Product Director, Contingency Base Infrastructure, PEO CS & CSS, U.S. ArmyWhat CBI DoesCBI Desktop Analysis Tool (Mini-Model)Whole System Trades Analysis Tool (WSTAT)System of System Analysis Toolkit (SoSAT)

Fueling More Fight Through Innovative Energy Solutions

Presentation by Roberto Guerrero, Deputy Assistant Secretary Operational Energy, U.S. Air ForceOperational Energy & the Tyranny of Distance Defense Strategy, Air Force Priorities, and OE GoalsOperations Planning & Execution SolutionsFusing Operational and Maintenance DataInnovative Energy Solutions for New and Legacy Aircraft

DLA Battery Network “BATTNET”: Emerging Battery Technologies Supporting Operational Energy

Presentation by Matt Hutchens, Program Manager, Defense Logistics Agency.DLA OverviewDLA Strategic PlanDLA Research & Development (R&D)DLA R&D Battery Network (BATTNET)BATTNET Operational Energy (OE) Focus AreasEmerging Battery Technologies Supporting OEBipolar lead acid batteriesSolid state electrolyte batteriesAdvanced production methods for enhancing battery performance

Tactical Power and Energy Solutions Supporting the Soldier Lethality Cross-Functional Team

Presentation by Lauren Marzocca, Chemical Engineer, Soldier Power Development Team, CERDEC, US ArmySoldier Lethality CFT overviewIntegrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) power assessment and potential solutionsNext Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) power assessment and potential solutions

Mobile Nuclear Power Plants for Ground Operations

Presentation by Juan Vitali, Chief Strategist for HQDA G-4, US ArmyDSB Key RecommendationsReview: PESTEL Analysis SummaryTopics of Potential Concern and Mitigation