Welcome to the 14th Operational Energy Summit!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our 2021 conference will be held completely digitally within the OnAir conference platform. In this online format, we will continue to deliver ground breaking content, top-flight speakers and innovative networking strategies for all of our conference participants.

At the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement's Operational Energy Annual Summit, we are committed to bringing together the top innovators within the operational and installation energy space. Over the past decade, the United States Department of Defense and their constituent branches have honed their operational and installation energy strategy and to focus on delivering accessible, efficient, resilient, renewable and powerful energy solutions to enhance future operations and soldier lethality and survivability. The DoD top key priorities for the future of operational energy include:

•    Enhancing mission effectiveness of the current force
•    Increasing warfighter capability
•    Reducing logistics and operational risks to missions

In addition to these goals, the continually changing and challenging operating environment for US troops will continue to drive the DoD to make a sharp and clear push for more energy resilient and efficient capabilities and systems that reduce the vulnerability of deployed forces to energy disruption and increase the range, reach, time on station, and performance of combat forces. More specifically, these goals intertwine with reductions in fossil fuel use, increases in renewable energy use, and energy efficiency targets. Energy efficiency—providing the same or an improved level of service with less energy—over time can lead to a reduction in agency expenses.

Our 14th Annual Operational Energy Summit will examine all of these themes. Our conference will also expand our spectrum of focus to include the operational energy needs of international allies of the US such as Canada, the UK, Germany, France and Australia. 

Our Summit will use the innovative online conference platform Brella, which provides capabilities for social-media like networking and live Q+A with our esteemed speakers. Join us on January 27-28 for our digital conference to hear from top operational and installation energy speakers across the DoD and the international community.


Featured Speakers

Top Reasons to Attend

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Review the 2021 Operational Energy Strategy and Analyze the progress made

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Determine New Priorities for the Future Development and Acquisition of Energy Resources

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Discuss Operational Energy Initiatives with foremost Providers of Tactical Power Solutions

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Hear first hand about the Future of Energy Policies across the US Military Branches

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Learn about Upcoming Requirements and Initiatives for Military Expeditionary Energy Programs