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Welcome to the 12th Operational Energy Summit!

Cutting Edge Operational Energy Solutions

Operational Energy Summit is a trusted name in the energy space focusing on the U.S. government and military’s installation and tactical energy issues. We are glad to welcome back our loyal past attendees and excited to add to new attendees to our Operational Energy Summit network. At the conference you can expect to network with military and industry partners in the energy space, all of whom share the same goal, providing government and military facilities and warfighters a reliable and resilient supply of energy

Last year’s conference was a success, thanks in big part to our reputable speaker faculty, sponsors, and 150+ attendees which include DoD, DISA, FBI, NAVSEA and more. This year we have planned on building on that success by putting together a robust Operational Energy program with high caliber speakers and decision makers covering operational energy budgets, modernization and acquisition priorities, hybrid technologies, power storage innovations, micro-grids, small modular reactors, energy efficient wastewater management and many more. 

The biggest key to the success of the conference will be our attendees, our partners and the connections we all make in pursuit of a singular goal, identifying and providing the most innovative and cutting edgy energy solutions to the government, military and warfighters. We encourage you to actively participate in discussions, learn and share your knowledge with all summit attendees. We hope this summit continues to be a valuable source of knowledge and a catalyst for fruitful professional connections. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Operational Energy Summit!  



2019 Speakers Include:

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Top Reasons to Attend

Interactive Sessions

Review the 2016 Operational Energy Strategy and Analyze the progress made

Real Situation Analysis

Determine New Priorities for the Future Development and Acquisition of Energy Resources

ISO Technical Committee

Discuss Operational Energy Initiatives with foremost Providers of Tactical Power Solutions

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Hear first hand about the Future of Energy Policies of all the Military Services

Networking Opportunities

Learn about Upcoming Requirements and Initiatives for Military Expeditionary Energy Programs


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