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Building the Virtual Battlefield: 2019 STE Program Updates and Recent Developments

Explore the future of combat training in the piece that outlines the latest Synthetic Training Environment (STE) program updates and recent developments.

The Synthetic Training Environment is the U.S. Army’s initiative to converge virtual, constructive and gaming training environments into a single unified architecture. This ambitious project will enable simulation systems Army-wide to leverage a persistent virtual world for every imaginable training need. As the Army shifts its focus to fighting in a multi-domain environment, this new, STE system will enable collective training across air, ground, sea, cyber and space with greater fidelity that can be used not only as a trainer but also as a mission-planning tool.

STE's Common Synthetic Environment (CSE), designed to allow interoperability between live training simulation systems, is scheduled to reach initial operational capability status in September 2021. The Army plans to deploy the system to more than 400 locations upon the attainment of full operational capability.

So far this summer, the DoD has awarded 5 contracts to accelerate the development and deployment of STE systems. The following is a summary of recently awarded contracts, OTAs and other new developments driving the STE initiative forward.

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BREAKING NEWS: Major General Maria R. Gervais Confirmed as Keynote Speaker for the Synthetic and Simulation Training Event (November 7-9, 2019 | Orlando, FL).

The recently appointed Director of the CFT (Cross Functional Team) for STE (the Synthetic Training Environment) has been confirmed as the keynote speaker for the Synthetic and Simulation Training Summit, running November 7-9th, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Read the press piece here and register for the event today!

Real Insight for Synthetic Training: An Interview with Brian Serra

An exclusive Q&A with Brian Serra, a Branch Chief, Contracting Officer, and Agreements Officer for the Army Contracting Command-Orlando. Serra has worked for PEO STRI for the past 10 years as a bureaucracy fighter. In addition to his role at the ACC-Orlando, Serra proudly holds the 2017 Award as an Army Contracting Command Acquisition Change Advocate. Innovativeby nature, Serra is a Founding Father of TReX. Serra will be leading a session on procurement at this year's Synthetic and Simulation Training Event running November 7-9 in Orlando, Florida.

Synthetic Training Environment In Action

Explore this interactive Prezi to take a deep dive into the different segments of the STE. Click your way through and gain even more insight on what's to come in November at our Summit in Orlando, FL.

GAMING TO VICTORY: Synthetic Training for Future Combat

While the U.S. military has experienced some networked — cyber, electronic, and information — attacks in battle, it has yet to fully face a near peer competitor, like Russia or China, in this domain. In this editorial, Assistant Professor of Cyber Defense at Salve Regina University, a Fellow in Defense Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council, and a PhD candidate in War Studies at King’s College London, Jennifer McArdle, argues that in the absence of a rich networked-infused battlefield experience, realistic training provides the best source of preparation prior to the crucible of high-end combat. The synthetic training environment — computer-generated forces in a virtual environment — is essential to provide the requisite fidelity to mimic future networked combat.

Download this article to learn more about how the military is:

  • Modernizing training, injecting greater realism into the military’s training environment to best reflect current and future threats
  • Building integrated and interoperable learning systems
  • Driving adoption of innovative learning technology such as VR, gaming and more!