Increasing Operational Options Using RAS Technology and Innovation

IDGA is excited to announce the launch of our Robotics and Autonomous Systems Summit. This is the only event of its kind in the United States. There is no other Robotic and Autonomous Systems event that is strictly military and government focused. IDGA will bring together leaders from across all sectors of the government, as well as leading industry experts, to talk challenges, upcoming strategies, and collaboration initiatives for Robotic and Autonomous Systems.

Our summit will highlight the  upcoming strategies for maintaining overmatch capabilities and implementing new technologies which will ultimately give our military better protection, better situational awareness, and make our forces more resilient. Join us to find out more about this innovative topic.


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Topics of discussion will include:

  • Improving RAS Autonomous Capabilities
  • Increasing Situational Awareness
  • Advances in Artificial Intelligence
  • Maximizing RAS Management
  • Strengthening Human-Autonomous System Interaction
  • Cyber Protection for RAS Systems
  • Funding and Procurement of RAS Technology

Past Speakers Include:

The Honorable Ryan J. McCarthy

Under Secretary
U.S. Army

Dr. William Burnett

Deputy Commander and Technical Director to the Commander
Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command/ Task Group (NMETOC)

Dr. Harry Dreany

Platform Integration Division (H40), Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD)
Deputy Current Technology Officer, Science & Technology Division, Marine Corps Warfighting Lab

Bob Grobowski

Deputy Chief Technology Officer
Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM)

Mark Mazzara

Robotics Interoperability Lead | Project Manager Force Projection
U.S. Army Program Executive Office, Combat Support & Combat Service Support

Christopher Kroninger

Technical Lead | MCE | Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology (MAST)
U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Dr. Reed Young

Program Manager, Robotics and Autonomy
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Dr. Giuseppe Loianno

Lecturer and Research Scientist
GRASP Lab | University of Pennsylvania

Samuel Bendett

Research Analyst
Center for Naval Analyses


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