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NEW INFOGRAPHIC! Robotics & Autonomous Systems in the FY20 DoD Budget

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are no longer the stuff of science fiction. As outlined in the 2020 Budget Proposal, the DoD has made it clear robotics and autonomous systems are the future of warfare. According to a report by AUVSI, the DoD plans to invest roughly $5.5 billion into the development, testing and deployment of unmanned technology and associated technologies over the course of FY20. 

In this infographic, we break down where the $5.5b in robotics and autonomous system funding is going and how these investments will support the DoD's long-term strategic goals. 

The Rise of Robotics in the U.S. Army

Insights from the U.S. Maneuver Center of Excellence.

The Pentagon is planning to invest US$1 billion over the next few years for the development of robotics systems to be used alongside combat troops, and the Maneuver Center of Excellence of the U.S. Army is at the forefront of this. In this article, Ted Maciuba, Deputy Director of Robotics Requirements discusses the importance and future potential of robotics for land forces when it comes to situational awareness, maneuver, and connectivity.