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The Army's Robotic & Autonomous Systems Development Strategy

We took a glance at the U.S. Army's development strategy for the modernization of robotics and autonomous technology. To link the strategy’s ways and means, the Army uses a five-step development process as a bridge to modernize the technologies. To learn how the Army is advancing the DoD's defensive capabilities, download this report.

The Army’s Priorities for Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS): Near-Term, Mid-Term, & Far-Term

The Army expresses its vision for Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) by outlining realistic objectives in the near-term (2017-2020), feasible objectives in the mid-term (2021-2030), and visionary objectives for the far-term (2031-2040). The Army shared this vision in a report titled, “The U.S. Army Robotic and Autonomous Systems Strategy.”