November 28 - 30, 2018
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria , VA

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The PEX VA 2018 Event Guide - Official Agenda

Take a look at the PEX VA 2018 agenda to get a glimpse into which speakers and sessions you can expect this 

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Post Show Report: Looking Back at PEX VA 2017

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Past Attendee Snapshot

This snapshot provides a look at all of 2017's attendees, many of whom are anticipated to be joining us again this year to discuss the latest updates in process excellence. 

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Exclusive Content

[PDF] The VA Mission Act of 2018: Navigating the Latest Process Improvements Made to Veteran Care Programs

The VA Mission Act of 2018, signed into law by President Trump on June 6, 2018, is designed to significantly improve veteran access to VA healthcare. The VA Mission Act tackles in-network and non-VA healthcare issues, veterans’ homes, access to walk-in VA care, prescription drug procedures, and much more. The...

VA Patient Experience Roadmap to Excellence

The VEO Patient Experience (PX) and the VEO Insight & Design teams designed this artifact in partnership with the Veterans Health Administration. This roadmap integrates ideas from VA facility leaders with best practices from the best in class private sector health systems. This roadmap is uniquely designed for VHA.We invite...

Exclusive Interview: Improving the Veteran Experience with Richard Griffith, Chief Strategy Officer for Indiana, Dept. of VA

We sat down with the Department of Veteran Affairs' Chief Strategy Officer for the state of Indiana, Richard Griffith, ahead of the conference to hear his thoughts on improving veteran care and the overall veteran experience. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Griffith discusses: New opportunities created by the VA CHOICE...

The VA Mission Act of 2018: Navigating the Latest Process Improvements Made to Veteran Care Programs

The VA Mission Act of 2018, signed into law by President Trump on June 6, 2018, is designed to significantly improve veteran access to VA healthcare. The VA Mission Act tackles in-network and non-VA healthcare issues, veterans’ homes, access to walk-in VA care, prescription drug procedures, and much more. The...

PEX VA 2017 Presentation Packet

In preparation for the 2018 PEX VA Summit, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on: An Overview of the Veterans Experience OfficeCaring for Veterans with Co-occurring DisordersLeveraging IT Solutions to Address Challenges in the VA Choice ProgramInstituting Greater Employee Support...

Five Countries, Five Approaches to Veteran Care

A majority of veteran programs worldwide face similar challenges to the U.S., often with smaller budgets. In this eBook, we have highlighted the recent developments taking place in veteran programs across the globe. Glancing at the latest developments and "best practices" of other nations could help to inspire new policies...

Interactive Report: Gauging the Impact of the VA's Top Five Priorities for 2018

Under the former VA Secretary, David J. Shulkin, five priorities were established to improve the quality of service provided by the VA to veterans. As 2018 comes to a close, how have these priorities played out? Take a look at our interactive report to decide for yourself. 

The Future of Veteran Care: Device Integration, Intelligent Automation, & IoT

From remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration, healthcare IoT has the potential to not only keep patients safe and healthy, but radically transform the way physicians deliver care as well. Download our infographic to learn more about: Device integration & connected healthProcess optimization & automation Inventory management 

PEX VA: Thoughts From our Thought Leaders

The experts who spoke at our sister event had a lot to say. Find out some of the key takeaways they left the audience with.

How the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Implemented a Multifunctional SSO Focused on Customer Service

We sat down with Thomas Muir, Executive Director, Support Services, MyVA Program Office. He took us through how implementing a multifunctional shared services organization focused on customer service at the VA was so successful.

13 Areas of Improvement for the VA

The dire need for improvement in the business processes within The Department of Veteran’s Affairs has been a source of much discussion over the past few months. With the department implementing Lean Six Sigma principles for these advancements, please view this exclusive report with you that highlights the 13 areas...

Past Presentations

An Overview of the Veterans Experience Office

Barbara C. Morton, Deputy Chief Veterans Experience Officer and Erin Siminerio, Acting Director, Insight & Design at VEO present an overview of the Veterans Experience Office and its mission. 

Caring for Veterans with Co-occurring Disorders

Joseph Troncale, Medical Director at the Retreat Premier Addiction Center, presents on caring for veterans with co-occuring disorders at the Retreat Premier Addiction Center. 

Leveraging IT Solutions to Address Challenges in the VA Choice Program

Dr. Alan Constantian, Deputy Chief Information Officer, IT Account Manager for Health, at the Office of Information and Technology presents on:Emphasizing care coordinationEnhancing the sharing of patient informationDigital coordination of separate implementation schedules 

Instituting Greater Employee Support Initiatives to Enhance VA Cohesion

Jim Trinka, Chief Learning Officer, for the Office of Information & Technology presents on: Better training, mentorship programs HR navigation training Mentorship networkPeg bonus structure to VA initiatives 

Improving VA IT Outcomes through Agile Acquisition Principles

Victoria McFadden and Mark Hopson from the General Services Administration present on:Greater industry standardsProcess modelling Maturity models/change management models

Improving Benefits Distribution for Greater Veteran Health Outcomes

James Manker Jr., Acting Principal Deputy Under Secretary, Veterans Benefits Association, at the Department of Veterans Affairs presents on: Delivering on the VA’s modernization prioritiesImproving service delivery for veterans and their families

Utilizing IT to Enhance Engagement Between VA & DoD

John Short, Acting Deputy Director, for the DoD/VA Interagency Program Office presents on: The increased focus on process improvementExperimentation with information systemsEstablishing standards of information-sharing 

Beyond Diffusion of Excellence: Building a Learning Culture

Ryan Vega MD, MSHA, Director at the Diffusion of Excellence presents on: Identifying and spreading innovative practicesEvolving and building a more robust innovation ecosystem Operationalizing innovation to create a "learning" culture

Additional Content

Deploying an Enterprise-Wide Improvement Strategy within VHA

Past speaker Robin R. Hemphill, MD, MPH Acting, ADUSH for Quality, Safety, Value & VHA Chief Patient Safety & Risk Awareness Officer, discussed fostering high reliability in healthcare at our sister event.

Veterans Health Administration Acquisition of Prosthetics – A New Approach

Past speaker Ricky Lemmon - Acting VHA Chief Procurement and Logistics Officer broke down the expenditures and processes at his organizations in this presentation given at our sister event.

The ECRI Institute Experience

Past speaker Anthony Montagnolo, COO of the ECRI Institute, discusses the operations of his organization and the work they do with VA Healthcare in this past presentation given at our sister event.

How to Treat Substance Abuse with Health Informatics

Q&A with Dr. Araujo Lorenzo, Executive Director, Substance Abuse Clinic Oklahoma VAMC, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Lack of income. Lack of social or family support. Living in remote areas. Lack of transportation. Lack of Communication. Delays in scheduling appointments for new patients at medical centers. These are just a...

Training Beyond the Uniform

In this exclusive interview with Combat & Casualty, MG Richard Thomas Commander (Outgoing) Western Regional Medical Command, Director (Incoming) Health Care Operations, Defense Health Agency talks about the primary advances to address the needs of combat casualties. In addition, MG Thomas discusses the challenges regarding lessons learned on today’s asymmetric...

Case Study - Private Cloud for PCI and HPPA Compliance

This case study, provided by Datapipe, discusses how the U.S. Federal Government imposed changes to health care reimbursements, and how these new mandates propelled Presidio to transform their business model into a more technology-enabled services company.

Fostering Medical Innovations for the Military Community

A presentation given by Allison Kumar, Sr. Program Manager, at EMCM on supporting activities that will boost CDRH knowledge, build inter governmental partnerships, and expedite medical device innovation. She provides a view of FDAs organizational structure, medical Products of interest, benefit of collaborating with FDA, what Regulatory Science is and...

Single Use Optics in Opthalmology

This paper addresses the functional and cost advantages of single use ophthalmic lens for both clinic and surgical functions. These lenses are the first in the category to provide a solution to Joint Commission infection control standards while decreasing the need for reusable medical equipment. The paper provides a cost-benefit...

Continuum of Care: Moving Health Services from DoD to VA

One of the challenges of Veteran healthcare is the smooth transition of men and women from the DoD to VA health services. According to Dr Carie Rodgers, Associate Director, VA Center of Excellence, “we are working very hard to make sure returning military members know about VA services and know...

Can IT Improve Military Healthcare Providers Attitudes Toward Interprofessional Healthcare Teams, Communications And Handoffs

LTC Derrick C. Glymph, Chief Anesthetist 4224th USAH, US Army Reserves and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Nurse Anesthetist Practice, speaks about problems with information sharing and handoffs, Implementation of the HUDDLE in military healthcare, Effective HUDDLE intervention on attitudes of providers toward interprofessional teams and the use...

Update on HIT Policy: Quick Scan of the Environment, Meaningful Use, Pragmatism, Federal Health Architecture

The policies and activities that most affect VA thinking is presented in this past presentation by David S. Muntz, SVP & CIO of the GetWellNetwork.

Deploying Lean Six Sigma within the U.S. Navy: An Interview with COMSPAWAR's Robert Kamensky

Lean Six Sigma has been an actively used business process improvement methodology for the private sector for some time, but as the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has shown, it can also be used within the public sector to drive results.

Successfully Deploying Lean Six Sigma within Government Agencies: The Three Mandatory Elements Revealed

For many years now, much debate has taken place throughout the Lean Six Sigma community regarding the potential for such methodologies to be successfully deployed within government agencies. This article attempts to present a logical rationale as to why Lean Six Sigma can be successfully applied within the public sector.

The Telecare Imperative: A New Model for Care Delivery - Kevin Fickenscher, The MITRE Corporation

Past speaker, Kevin Fickenscher, The MITRE Corporation, provides insight on the forces precipitating change in American healthcare, as well as technology as a transformational and disintermediating force.

Value Management in Healthcare: How to Define and Measure Value in Healthcare - Nathan Tierney, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

As a species of stories, how do we tell an authentic story of how healthcare providers deliver value-based outcomes that reflect the full cycle of a patient condition?

Diffusing Best Practices Across America's Largest Healthcare System - Shereef Elnahal, Veteran's Health Administration

Past speaker, Shereef Elnahal, MD, MBA, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Quality, Safety, Value for the Veteran's Health Administration sought to develop a method to effectively identify, diffuse and sustain best practices to achieve consistency in the Veteran's experience.

Global State of Process Excellence 2017

PEX Network surveyed 800+ process improvement and operational excellence professionals, as part of the largest global survey into the state of process excellence. In this exclusive report, we reveal the key trends highlighted by the “2017 biennial PEX Network State of the Industry Process Excellence Survey” and explore how organizations...

Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management

Thank you to our sponsors Companion Data Services for this whitepaper that highlights the changing business needs for Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management tools.

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