By: Carolyn Gombos

Navigating the Latest Process Improvements Made to Veteran Care Programs

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the quality of services it provides to veterans have come under scrutiny in recent years. As a result, the VA has taken some major steps to improve veterans’ quality of care and access to care. Although there has been some great progress, there are still steps that must be taken to provide veterans the highest level of service.

The VA Mission Act, recently signed by President Trump on June 6th, 2018, is designed to significantly improve veteran access to VA Healthcare. The VA Mission Act tackles in-network and non-VA healthcare issues, veterans’ homes, access to walk-in VA care, prescription drug procedures, and much more. The $52 billion Mission Act paves the way for a major overhaul of how the Department of Veterans Affairs provides access for veterans to receive care in the private sector.

As they continue to work to maintain internal systems and strengthen integrated outside networks, key process improvements laid out by the VA include:

  • Developing an integrated high-performing network
  • Paying community care providers & improving collections
  • Updates to education & training programs

Learn more about the latest process improvements made to veteran care programs!

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