Patient Experience for Veterans

Care. Save. Evolve. Bringing quality service to enhance patient experience for our nation's veterans.
As the Department of Veterans Affairs enters its next decade, delivering excellent patient experience has become a crucial segment across the agency. Secretary Robert Wilkie designated Customer Experience (CX), better known around the industry as Patient Experience (PX) a top priority and a prime directive for the 2021 Fiscal Year. Since their genesis in 2015, the Veteran’s Experience Office (VEO), along with other segments of the VA, have been engaging in everything from enhancing digital feedback processes to rolling out helpful RedCoat volunteers for patient direction, all with the aim of instituting practical but innovative ways to enhance the quality of care given to patients.

The Patient Experience for Veterans (PXV) 2020 Summit is strategically designed to increase awareness, collaboration and communication regarding the latest efforts to establish patient satisfaction among our nation’s veterans. Our Summit will focus on topics such as process excellence, IT and analytics integration, patient-clinician communication and telehealth as well as strengthening cultures of empathy and compassion. Our conference will also take an in depth look at how COVID-19 impacts patient experience processes and outcomes. 

Ultimately, our summit will provide you with an opportunity to network and share innovative ideas in a room filled with patient experience leaders, health care administrators, practitioners, clinicians and solutions providers. Join us this September to learn the ins-and-outs of capturing and delivering the ideal veteran’s experience.

***Note: Although the subject matter of this IDGA conference relates to VA programs, this is not a VA event, nor does the Department endorse or officially sanction IDGA or its events.***

Featured Speakers

Why Attend?

Hear how positive patient experience directly impacts patient recovery and medical facilities overall ratings.

Engage in face to face discussions to identify initiatives that enhance patient experience with leaders across the VA and top medical centers.

Learn about the latest developments in the Community Care Program and the Mission ACT 101 and how this will affect the future of Veterans care.

Meet and greet with various industry officials and healthcare leaders that are modernizing facilities, increasing communication, and utilizing API integration strategies.