Achieving Cross Domain Synergy through Advanced Command and Control

2019 marks the inauguration of the all encompassing, Multi Domain Battle Management Summit. The integration of land, air, sea, space and cyber operations has been a long hauled concept that will be evolving in the Fall of this year. This event will focus on how the DoD will continue to effectively enhance its C2 capabilities in order to increase tactical and strategic level operations using cloud systems. One of the Army's and Air Force's priorities is to integrate AI into some of their current battle management technologies so that granular decisions can be made effectively based on data that is collected.

We will also cover topics related to:

  • - Integrating AI into joint operations
  • - Military network modernization
  • - Improving system architecture to ensure that all technologies are interoperable
  • - Increasing defensive Cyber capabilities & more

The Multi Domain Battle Management event will give you the chance to delve deeper into the Navy's distributed lethality and distributed operation priorities, as well as, the strategies being implemented to get all branches to cosign the concept by later this year. Join us for the exclusive opportunity to network with Battle Managers, Heads of Planning and Operations, Commanders & more!

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Why Attend?


Identifying the latest technological

advancements from; analytics tools to modernizing networks, enhancing command and control, and increasing the use of cyber defense, that will help to support and fill in current capability gaps


Get the perspective from seasoned service officials who have observed the past and present state of battle strategies and hear their input on the way ahead for multi-domain operations


Don’t miss out on the informative interactive discussions from military personnel who operate on the frontline and have insight into future plans for multi-domain battle management


Hear about the future requirements and potential guidelines for hybrid warfare and some of the plans being operationalized to synchronize the DoDs efforts in wartime


Discover how all service branches are mapping out the future of joint operations in order to achieve greater mission success

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