March 12 - 14, 2019
United States

Sponsors & Exhibitors of Military Radar 2019



Echodyne introduces the world’s first compact, software-defined, solid-state, true electronically scanned array (ESA) radar sensor. Ideally suited for machine perception in an autonomous age, Echodyne offers high-performance, commercially-priced radars to governments, industries, and integrators engineering solutions for border security, critical infrastructure protection, autonomous vehicles, unmanned aircraft systems, and first responders.... Read More


Radar and Radio Range Simulation - Using Fiber Optic Delay Lines - By Jerry Lomurno and Joe MazzochetteFiber Optic Delay Line systems (FODL) are used in test and development laboratories to eliminate outdoor range testing of radio and radar systems. Outdoor range testing is costly, complex and time-consuming.  The key... Read More