March 31 - April 02, 2020 | Washington, D.C.

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Network Modernization 2020 Preliminary Agenda

Network Modernization 2020 will bring together individuals from government, military technology and information officers, stakeholders in the IT networks community, academics, and industry representatives fr ...

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A Conversation with the U.S. State Department's Director of Enterprise Network Management

We spoke with Mr. Gerald Caron, Director of Enterprise Network Management for the Department of State, to learn more about:Mr. Caron's role at the DepartmentAn outlook on network protection challengesA five year outlook on the future of DoS networksHow to best protect networks from hackersAnd much more!Mr. Caron will be...

Software defining networking for the next generation

Mr. Richard Carlson, Program Manager LSN/MAGIC at the Department of Energy, speaks about the Department of Energy concerning the next generation of networks, projects that the Office of Science is currently involved in, the benefits of incorporating software defining networking into next gen networks, and distributed computing environments, and how...

Joining Networks: Joint and Coalition Tactics in Cyber Warfare

In this interview, Lt. Col. Patrick King, Assistant Director of Operations, Electronic Warfare, United States Air Force shares his tips for achieving necessary cyber defense tactics between joint and coalition networks as well as his best practices for establishing the security of a tactical network.

Mission Command Center of Excellence Near, Mid & Far-Term Goals

In the following interview Jeffrey R. Witsken, Director, Mission Command Network Integration Mission Command Center of Excellence, U.S. Army discusses near, mid and far term goals of the Mission Command Center of Excellence as it relates to network modernization, the future of network modernization as it relates to the military...


A Breakdown of the Military's IT Modernization Strategy for 2019

According to the proposed spending levels for fiscal 2019, the Army, Navy, and Air Force are all scheduled to receive major boosts in procurement funding. We took a look at how this funding increase will impact ongoing network modernization projects, as well as how each service is actively working towards...

10 Ways To Modernize IT

The Department of Defenses Chief Information Officer,Teri Takai, introduces the 10-Point Plan for IT Modernization.


Army official: Soldier needs should drive tech acquisition

When it comes deciding what IT to acquire for the Army’s converging networks and applications, talk to the soldiers on the ground before building out acquisition requirements. Article courtesy of

Top 5 Trending Articles on Military Network Modernization

As funding for the Technology Modernization Fund in 2019 continues to hang in the balance, we compiled the top five trending articles related to military network modernization to make it easy for you to stay up to date on the latest developments.

Six Ways Cloud Computing Can Help Create the Defense Agency of the Future

Defense agencies are responsible for some of our government’s most crucial functions – from intelligence gathering and battlefield operations to disaster relief and collaboration with allies. Now, more than ever, the success of these operations depends on access to timely, accurate and comprehensive data.

Past Presentations

Creating the Joint Information Environment: DoD’s Consolidation Priorities and Critical Next Steps

Randall Conway, Deputy Chief Information Officer For Information Enterprise, Office of the DoD CIO, presents on:Implementing consolidated IT centers and more agile approaches to IT developmentRedefining intelligence sharing for the Joint fightStandardization and branch specific customization challenges

Ensuring Network Efficiency and Security by Integrating, Consolidating, and Automating IT Operations

Drew Epperson, Public Sector Solution Architect, McAfee, presents on: Cyber Readiness InitiativesApplication Control and Best PracticesIntelligence Driven Response and Security

The Information Dominant Battlespace: Fusion Warfare in the Combat Cloud

Jeffrey Eggers, Chief Technology Officer for the Deputy Chief of Staff for ISR, U.S. Air Force, presents on:Integrating real-time data from various ISR sources into coherent operating picturesUtilizing automation to process and refine growing data flowsEliminating stove-piped systems and integrating data prior to individual analysis for better holistic picture

U.S. Army Network Modernization Priorities

CW5 James Ebeler, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Army CIO/G6, presents on:Modular systems for varying requirements across all echelonsUtilizing developing mobile technology with user friendly operating systemsConsolidated networks to enable global data access

Maintaining Network Readiness in a Complex Threat Environment

Colonel Kirby Watson, Director, Interoperability Division, Joint Staff, J6, presents on:Securing communications and data transfer from near-peer threatsSupporting operational units at tip of the spearEnsuring uninterrupted global access throughout all operational phases

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In preparation for the 2019 Network Modernization Summit, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on: Creating the Joint Information Environment: DoD’s Consolidation Priorities and Critical Next Steps; Randall Conway, Deputy Chief Information Officer For Information Enterprise, Office of the DoD...


Intent-Based Networking Drives Digital Transformation in the DoD

Among the changes and evolutions that U.S. military forces require to dominate the modern battlefield, perhaps none is more important than digital transformation. Download this whitepaper to learn about four mission stories that demonstrate the transformative power of network technology. Whitepaper courtesy of Cisco.