March 25 - 27, 2020 | Washington, D.C.

10 Ways To Modernize IT

Requirements for streamlined, more efficient, and higher capacity networks are more critical than ever before. NETMOD 2019 will outline key military network initiatives and highlight some of the progress occurring across the military spectrum. One of those key plans was put forth by The Department of Defense's Chief Information Officer, Teri Takai, introducing the 10-Point Plan for IT Modernization.


1. Consolidate Enterprise Networks
Network operation and data centers should be consolidated, and there should be optimization into a joint enterprise architecture with access being extremely secured.

2. Deliver DoD Enterprise Cloud
Have a strategy developed that will be ready for execution for cyber security within the cloud environment, and leverage commercial clouds that meet those standards.

3. Standardize IT Platforms
Limit platforms that are programunique, and switch to a common platform such as Identity/Access and Messaging. As well as with infrastructure for example Facilities, Transport, Processing, and all of this supporting a cybersecure environment.


4. Enable Agile IT
This could be in form of delivering usable capabilities every 612 months, staying involved by providing active feedback during development, changing your approach to project management, leverage common test infrastructure with certifications during development.

5. Strengthen IT Governance
Restructure IT boards and streamline the process of compliance. For IT prioritize capabilities, investments and technologies.

6. Leverage Strategic Sourcing for IT Commodities
When procuring common IT hardware and software take an enterprise approach, and make sure to establish a DoD commodity council.

7. Strengthen Cybersecurity
Develop, leverage and streamline. This includes the development of situational awareness within enterprise including authentication,

8. Strengthen IT Investments
Obtain, Align and Review. Obtain transparency of investments in IT while aligning them to DoD strategies, and reviewing the performance of those investments over time.

9. Improve Enterprise Architecture Effectiveness
Help support IT investment decisions by transitioning from compliancebased process. And have an enterprise architecture plan and instruction developed.


10. Modernize IT Guidance and Training
Guide adoption of IT practices that are agile, have a clear career roadmap for IT acquisition personnel, and make sure to create a robust community for IT acquisitions.

To hear more about Network Modernization, make sure you check out the event agenda here.