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With over a decade of development, and a trillion dollars invested, fifth generation fighters are beginning to be deployed just as the global effort to develop the 6th generation kicks in high gear.

International Fighter 2019 originated as a result of the current challenges the U.S. and allies are facing in the aerospace field; as an inaugural summit on U.S. soil, it will cover the imperative topics regarding the international efforts and cooperation to maintain global stability through airspace dominance and technological superiority.

The summit will address those issues by bringing together global allies, leading decision makers, commanders and professionals to discuss joint international & multi-generational operations in a complex battlefield, upgrading light attack fighters, implementing the 5th generation fighter jets, the technologies needed to bridge the generational gaps and the vision for the 6th generation fighter jet.


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This year’s summit will cover topics including:

Mapping the Current Multi Domain Battlespace Where F-35, F-22 are the leading players

Advancing Mission Readiness Through Multi-Disciplinary And Multi-Generational Fighters’ Training

Maximizing Efficiency Of Existing Fighter Jets

Gearing Up For A Faster, Stronger And Technologically Reliant Air Combat

Adapting To The Airspace Growing Demands While Improving The Excising Products

Current and Future UAS’s supporting & operating alongside fighter jets

Measures To Maximizing The Light Attack Fighters Deployment Proficiency And Usability

Creating The 6th Generation Fighter Jet Shopping List And Leading Needed Capabilities

Enhancing Sensor Systems In Fighter Jets To Support C4ISR And Create Real-time Advantage

Advancing Cyber Warfare Countermeasures To Support The 5th Generation Fighters

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