International Fighter USA Past Presentation Packet #2

International Fighter USA Past Presentation Packet #2

Download 4 past presentations from the 2019 International Fighter USA summit!

United States Air Force Operational Perspective And Needs For The Future Fighter

  • LIEUTENANT GENERAL MARK D. KELLY, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, USAF

Addressing The Challenges and Vision Of The Brazilian Air Force

  • GRIPEN NG Program MAJOR GENERAL SERGIO BARROS DE OLIVEIRA, Head of the Evaluation and Doctrine Department, COMPREP (SCAD), Brazilian Air Force

The Royal Canadian Air Force’s Vision For Replacing Its Boeing CF-18A/B Hornet Fleet

  • COLONEL DAVID PLETZ, Royal Canadian Air Force Fighter Capability Office, RCAF

Suppression Of Enemy Air Defenses With 4th And 5th Generation Fighters Through Multi National Operations

  • LIEUTENANT COLONEL MICHAEL RICHARD, Outgoing 480th Squadron Commander and Student of the National War College, USAF

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