FY2020 Fighter Budget At-A-Glance

FY2020 Fighter Budget At-A-Glance

Highlights from the FY2020 Air Force Budget! The U.S. Air Force is requesting $165.6 billion in fiscal 2020, an increase of about $10 billion more than FY19 that the service intends to use to advance readiness as well as spearhead technology development. Out of this budget, $57.7 billion will be used to procure a wide array of aircraft and solutions needed to ensure air dominance for the foreseeable future.

In addition, a considerable amount, roughly $15 billion will be invested in expanding, modifying and complimenting their 5th generation fighter. Though experts expect the 6th generation of fighters to start replacing F-35s as early as 2030, the budget numbers listed in this infographic re-affirm the Air Force’s commitment to 5th generation fighters. Download this USAF fighter budget at-a-glance to find out exactly where the Air Force plans to invest their procurement budget in 2020 and how these investments, as well as those in R&D, will help close the gap between the 6th and 5th generation fighters.

Provides an overview of:

  • 5th generation fighter acquisitions and upgrades 
  • The Block 4 Modernization Program
  • Penetrating Counter Air Program
  • 6th generation fighter R&D

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