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International Fighter USA Online Agenda

International Fighter USA originated as a result of the current challenges the U.S. and allies are facing in the aerospace field; as an inaugural summit on U.S. soil, it will cover the imperative topics regarding the international efforts and cooperation to maintain global stability through aeros ...

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International Fighter Global Programs & Requirements Report 2019-2020

This in-depth, 35 page report provides a comprehensive overview of:Key Ongoing Programs And Requirements Country-By-CountryThe UK's new combat air strategy Fighter Acquisiton plans for Greece, India, Japan, Spain and the United States Updates on the FCAS programme Global Fighter Aircraft Inventory

FY 2021 Fighter Budget Highlights: The Race to Build the 6th Generation Fighter

The US and its global partners are being drawn into an operating environment which is contested, information-centric and multi-domain. This new environment will require a new stealth fighter, one that incorporates paradigm-changing technologies such as autonomous systems, AI and accelerated real-time analytics. In order to accomplish this, the US Air...

Next Generation Armament Test

An inside look into the challenges facing today’s armament maintainer as new weapons systems and their associated interfaces enter service. 

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Defense 2020: Predictions and New Technologies

Similar to many other sectors, the lead up to 2020 will be shaped by increasing digitization. From increasing risk of peer conflict to the rise of urban warfare, and increasing great power competition, the defense sector faces many challenges that must be approached responsibly. Indeed, government, industry and the military...

Bridging the Gap Between the 5th and 6th Generation Fighters

Highlights from the FY2020 Air Force Budget! The U.S. Air Force is requesting $165.6 billion in fiscal 2020, an increase of about $10 billion more than FY19 that the service intends to use to advance readiness as well as spearhead technology development. Out of this budget, $57.7 billion will be...

What Will the 6th Generation Fighter Look Like?

Though the 5th generation of fighters have yet to be fully deployed, the United States Air Force (USAF) and United States Navy (USN) are already hard at work developing the 6th generation of fighters under, respectively, the ‘Penetrating Counter-Air' and FA-XX programs. As of now, they expect to begin fielding...

International Fighter USA Past Presentation Packet #1

Download 4 past presentations from the 2019 International Fighter USA summit! Agile Combat Employment Concept And Operation In Multi-Player Theaters COLONEL ROBERT D. DAVIS, Commander, 3rd Wing, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Alaska Discussing The Case For Fifth Generation Airpower LIEUTENANT GENERAL (R) DAVID A. DEPTULA, Dean, The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace...

International Fighter USA Past Presentation Packet #2

Download 4 past presentations from the 2019 International Fighter USA summit! United States Air Force Operational Perspective And Needs For The Future Fighter LIEUTENANT GENERAL MARK D. KELLY, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, USAF Addressing The Challenges and Vision Of The Brazilian Air Force GRIPEN NG Program MAJOR GENERAL...

International Fighter USA Past Presentation Packet #3

Download 4 past presentations from the 2019 International Fighter USA summit! Strengthening Alliances and Partnerships in Multi-Generational, Multi-Domain World MS. KELLI L. SEYBOLT, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs, USAF Poland’s Air Component Command vision for future fighter cooperation BRIGADIER GENERAL IRENEUSZ STARZYNSKI, Deputy Commander Air Operations...