Eric Peralta

OSINT SME Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-2

Mr. Peralta serves as the OSINT SME at the Department of the Army Headquarters, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-2, Pentagon, Washington D.C.

Mr. Peralta, served over ten years on active duty as Army Intelligence officer. Mr. Peralta worked across multiple commands such as the US Special Operations Command, US Central Command, and US Pacific Command. He was deployed as an Intelligence officer in Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries across the globe. Mr. Peralta currently holds a Masters degree in International Studies focusing on International Negotiations from The American University, Washington, DC. Mr. Peralta conducted several OSINT missions in support of global missions as well as working with our allied partners in providing actionable intelligence using open source information, tools, techniques, and tradecraft. In addition, Eric speaks 4 languages concentrated in the Pacific Areas of Operations.

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