May 27 - 29, 2020 | Washington, D.C.

Bob Palmer

VP Software Solutions SAP:NS2, National Security Services

Bob Palmer, VP, Software Solutions, NS2: SAP National Security Services

Bob Palmer has been supporting clients in the Intelligence Community and DoD for approaching 25 years. He is VP of Software Solutions at NS2: SAP National Security Services, and has been with SAP for 13 years.  In his technology evangelist role, he supports NS2’s clients in the area of data management, machine learning and High-Performance Data Analysis.  He has represented NS2 as a guest speaker at organizations such as the Naval Post Graduate School, the Insider Threat Symposium, SOFIC, the INSA Innovator’s Showcase, and he has been a principal speaker in the annual SAP National Security Services Solution Summit held each fall. His presentation from the 2017 NS2 Solution Summit can be viewed in the following YouTube video:

When not engaged with cutting-edge technology for data mining and other arcane pursuits, he likes to drive his not-so-cutting-edge 1969 MGB at moderate speeds on windy rural roads.   Bob has a Master of Science in Information Systems degree from the Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County (Go Retrievers!) as well as a master's degree and a Graduate Certificate in Data Science from the Indiana University School of Information, Computing and Engineering.  He is continually disappointed that two master's degrees do not add up to a doctorate.


Friday, May 31st, 2019

11:15 AM Building a Machine Learning Factory: Going from Science Projects to Mission-Critical Execution of Machine- Augmented Analytics

Innovation can and does occur in Bill Hewlett’s garage, but ultimately
you need a production-strength ISO 9001 factory. This is also true for
high performance data analysis projects.
R and python are great tools for research and for science projects -- in
the best sense of the word. Innovative approaches to get new analytic
outcomes are crucial to address the challenge of sense-making in a
complex data world.
But, once the lab project is proven to be a valuable analysis method,
we must make it performant, manageable, and make it scale to
work with data volumes that are meaningful for the mission, not just
with experimental sample data sets. In this talk we will learn how
SAP, the world’s largest Enterprise Software company, approaches
the problem of managing the execution of innovative machinelearning
and artificial intelligence algorithms to solve hard analytical
problems. We will discuss how to empower the data science team
at your organization to innovate with tools they are comfortable and
familiar with, yet deliver their innovation to the mission in a way that is
powerful and secure.

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