Insider Threats 2020 Online Agenda

Insider Threats 2020 Online Agenda

Check out the 2020 agenda for a full list of our expert presenters and online sessions.

The program will provide key briefings from leading takeholders from across the community, bringing together an audience comprised of over 200 policy makers, insider threats managers, CIOs, CTOs, CSOs, senior analysts, Commanders, and Industry Executives from across the government and private sector.

As this year’s COVID-19 reality forced many of us to adapt to a new working environment, we as a community had to shift gears to provide proper solutions to disrupted and uncertain conditions.

With that in mind, this year’s program will focus its themes and topics on utilizing resources and data, current proactive methodologies across organizations, senior leadership and corporate integration in combating insider threats, reevaluating functions and responsibilities in a rapidly evolving workspace, and more.

Download the official agenda today, or if you would like to email us we will send it right over to you.

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