Insider Threats Summit Official Agenda

Insider Threats Summit Official Agenda

A company may encounter physical or virtual threats at any point in time, but in today’s environment, they do not have to only worry about outside threats, but those originating from inside the organization as well. Malicious insiders, negligent insiders, and infiltrators are three types of emerging threats that could drastically harm your organization from the inside out.

  • Discover proven, effective resources and tools to identify the next unforeseen insider threat.
  • Network with industry and government officials leading the charge against insider threats to protect their workplace.
  • Mitigate malicious, negligent or infiltrator threats and recognize the need to create a successful insider threats program.
  • Walk away with relevant tech solutions, policy development and proper vetting and screening techniques to stop potential insider threats.

Join us at our 2019 Insider Threats Summit as we narrow down proven and effective resources and tools to prevent insider threats. Our esteemed speakers will be made up of both Government and commercial industry leaders tackling the wide spread issue. Gain knowledge and network as we find ways to uncover your next unforeseen insider threat. Protect your company.

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