Hypersonic Weapons 2019

The pursuit of hypersonic capacity has been a goal of the United States military since the 1960’s. As technology has improved we have seen multiple possibilities emerge as potential hypersonic weapons. It is this junction, where R&D stops and operation tools begin. It is in this context that we are proud to bring you IDGA’s Initial Hypersonic Conference.

Join us for this exciting three day summit where we will discuss bridging this gap. As we sit on a new frontier of hypersonic capacity we will discuss the major facets that need to materialize. At this summit  we will engage with high level leadership in both government and industry for discussions on the future plans of the hypersonic capabilities of the United States. Along with programmatic overviews, integrational challenges and plans, we are also excited to bring procurement perspectives on the needs from both prime based integrators.   

Topics Covered Include:

Integration Challenges
Thermal Management
Global Hypersonic Strategy
Creating Partnerships to Achieve Operational Hypersonic Flight
Procurement Needs to Field Hypersonics in All Domains

Government and Active Military Attend for Free

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Partnering Together to Deliver Hypersonic Weapons

Hear About the Navy's plans to field hypersonics across all domains 

Gather Air Force R&D perspectives on the key challenges in hypersoninc munition delivery.

Network with subject matter experts across government, academia and industry.

See what gaps your organization can fill across a verity of programs.

Comprehend the operational possibilities that hypersonic weapons present.

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