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Hypersonic Weapons 2021 Agenda

IDGA‘s Hypersonic Weapons events series has been established to comprehensively analyse and enable the realization of next generation capability.  Join us for the unique opportunity to not only learn from those leading the technology revolution, but also to stake your own place in this rapidly ev ...

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Reports, Articles & Expert Insights

Hypersonic Weapons 2019-2027 Market Report

In advance of our Hypersonic Weapons Summit, we have worked closely alongside our Partners Market Forecast in our mission to inform you of the latest innovations and key components of developing hypersonic missiles.  Download this report today to find out more:Type Guidance System & TechnologyGlobal Supersonic & Hypersonic Weapons -...

Why Academic & DoD Partnerships are Essential to Winning the Hypersonic Arms Race

Ahead of the 2019 Hypersonics event, we sat down with speaker Dr. Phillip Ligrani, Eminent Scholar, Propulsion University of Alabama-Huntsville to discuss the role of academic research in the development of hypersonic capabilities. 

The Next Frontier of Hypersonc Vehicles: NFL's Hypersonic Mission Vision

Dr. Prakash Vedula is the Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist of Next Frontier LLC. He is also a tenured Full Professor in the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Oklahoma, Norman. He is a renowned expert in fast and reliable computational algorithms applicable to a broad variety...

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Hypersonic Weapons Attendee Action Report

Ahead of our Hypersonic Weapons Spring Summit we wanted to bring you a marketplace survey covering the hypersonic landscape. It is our mission to inform you of the latest innovations and key components of developing hypersonic weapons as well as what members of the community believe to be of critical...

The Road to Hypersonic Weapons: Technical Challenges & Emerging Opportunities

In the eternal arms race to maintain or regain a strategic advantage over its adversaries, the United States is turning its attention to the development of hypersonic weapons.  The concept of a hypersonic weapon is not new – indeed the U.S. has developed them in some form or another for...

Enabling Hypersonic Overmatch By 2023

FY20 Hypersonic Budget Highlights, Strategic Priorities & UpdatesThe race to build hypersonic weapons is on. Both Russia and China have multiple hypersonic weapons programs in place and could potentially field an operational hypersonic glide vehicle— possibly armed with nuclear warheads—as early as this year. The pace of which they are...

Hypersonic Weapons - The Pentagon Overview

Take a moment to review the Pentagon Hypersonic Weapons Overview which covers the type of weapon, Operating Systems, Status and configuration of the weapons in the Hypersonic portfolioSource: U.S. Department of Defense   

Hypersonic Weapons Market Report

Keeping you informed on the latest Hypersonic innovations, technologies, budgets, policies, IDGA is excited to announce that we have recently partnered up with Next Frontier LLC for the production of our Hypersonic Weapons Report. This overarching hypersonic market report includes updates as to Hypersonic Weapons development across the US, global...

Raytheon Technologies A Defense Power House

Raytheon Missiles & Defense forms a formidable industry forceRaytheon Missiles & Defense, a business of the newly formed Raytheon Technologies, is built on a foundation of advanced innovation and excellence in engineering. Offering speed, synergy and the complete threat solution, the business will help redefine its industry through transformative technologies...

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Be the first to secure exclusive sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for Hypersonic Weapons Summit After surveying our network, we found that 89% of military and government decision makers are seeking key insights, the latest developments and emerging technologies. IDGA's customized packages deliver multi-pronged, digital strategies that will help you engage...

Past Presentations

Systems Engineering Approach to Hypersonics: A Space Domain Perspective

The navigation and guidance technologies within a hypersonic weapon are key to making them successful in an operational capacity. The demands of space amplify the challenges of tracking at high speed as the extreme temperatures can compromise these assets.Ensuring that Current Sensors are Fast Enough to Handle Hypersonic SpeedSpace Proofing...

Creating DoD and Academic Partnerships to Align Research Discoveries

Academic institutions are one of the most important knowledge resources when it comes to the physics of hypersonic flight. The work being done across the United States in laboratories and classrooms represents a wealth of resources, talent, knowledge and infrastructure that is waiting to be tapped.Cultivating the Required Partnerships to...

Advancing Challenging Aerothermodynamic and Propulsion System Phenomena Via Hypersonic Vehicle Simulation

A presentation from our March 2020 online event!Dr. Russ Cummings Managing Director, DoD HPCMP Hypersonic Vehicle Simulation Institute United States Air Force Academy takes us through the challenges and opportunities that are currently defining hypersonic development. Download to gain an overview of:Hypersonic weapons development over the years, current programs and...

Aggregating Hypersonic S&T Data To Rapidly Deliver Next-Gen Technology Development

How DTIC is building a more lethal force through information sharingThe Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)  is the only organization chartered to meet the information needs of all users across the DoD, industry, federal government and citizen science – Effective Sharing to Verified Authorized Users. Download this presentation to finds...

The Strategic Implications of Hypersonic Technology Development: Russia, China & Missiles and Nukes

Dr. Peter Huessy Director for Strategic Deterrent Studies Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies breaks down the strategic implications of hypersonic missile technologyKey Conclusions and Findings Threat: Russian and Chinese Developments/Strategy Response: USAF Technology Development Implications: Change to Strategic Landscape Critics Misconceptions Sign-Posts Conclusion

Traditional Heat Transfer And Fluid Mechanics Investigations For Hypersonic Flight

Dr. Phil Ligrani on Physical Phenomena Associated With Hypersonic Weapon Vehicles Take a deep dive into the five different areas of strategic capabilities to address enduring military problems. Delivering hypersonic capabilities - speed and reach of disruption and lethality Material challenges, opportunities to facilitate hypersonic flight Technical priorities for propulsion...

Addressing Scale and Affordability for Hypersonic Programs

View the online presentation of  Addressing Scale and Affordability for Hypersonic Programs by Mark Miklos Vice President and General Manager of FMI A Spirit AeroSystems Company

Industry Efforts to Enable DoD Hypersonic Goals: Lessons Learned and Opportunities Moving Forward

Join Dr. Thomas Karako, along with panelists as they discuss what lessons have been learned in DoD Hypersonic goals and what opportunities lie ahead 

Driving USAF Science, Technology & Engineering Competencies to Meet the Future of Hypersonic

Download the video now to learn more about enabling future USAF hypersonic capability fielding as well as  Hypersonic policy guidance for USAF’ $2 billion S&T program  

Accelerating Hypersonic Technology Development and Transition to Advanced Capability

Join Dr. Bussey, as she covers Guiding DoD strategy and roadmap for hypersonic S&T and much more. 

Bolstering Strategic Deterrence and Global Strike Combat Support via Integration of Hypersonic Capabilities

Join General Ray as he discusses Operational concepts as well as Lessons learned thus far to inform future ops

Efforts to Integrate Autonomous and AI Capabilities into Hypersonic Systems: Developing Artificially Intelligent Aerospace Systems

Join Dr. Alex Roesler as he discusses efforts to integrate autonomous system capabilities into hypersonic systems: near-term engineering challenges

Aggregating Hypersonic S&T Data to Rapidly Deliver Next-Gen Technology Development

Review Dr. Joseph Bonivel, Subject Matter Expert, Defense Technical Information Center past presentation of Aggregating Hypersonic S&T Data to Rapidly Deliver Next-Gen Technology Development