Guiding Hypersonic Development to Operationalize Capabilities for US National Security Goals 

Since the early 2000s, the United States has supported the ongoing development of hypersonic missiles to capitalize on what has been recently coined as an, Advanced Capability Enabler. These high priority assets can fly at speeds of at least Mach 5, and present a unique opportunity for the United States Military to expand its global reach even more so than typical operations.

The proliferation of efforts, funding, and initiatives across the Military, Federal Government, academia and industry to enable this capability is nothing short of rapid and all encompassing; there is a wide understanding that this capability is one that must be capitalized by the United States as promptly as possible.

Both the Pentagon and Congress have displayed a growing interest in pursuing the development and near-term operationalization of hypersonic weapons and systems. Near-pear hypersonic technology, programs of record, and capability development are at an all-time high, with some claims that United States adversaries are expected to field an operational hypersonic glide vehicle as early as 2022.

With the Pentagon’s recent successful test of a hypersonic glide body earlier this year, the path to hypersonic deployment seems closer than ever for the United States. However, there are many technological and operational decisions to be made before fielding an operational weapon. Meeting the pace at which the Services wants to test and field a hypersonic offensive capability will be a challenge, but doing so is critical to the National Defense Strategy of the United States Military.

Join IDGA’s Hypersonic Weapons Summit for the unique opportunity to understand US Military senior leadership approach to the ongoing global proliferation of hypersonic weapons and capabilities for FY2021 and beyond!

Topics Covered Include:

Enabling Hypersonic Capability for Warfighters across Multiple Domains
Technology Investment Areas to Achieve Hypersonic Utilization
Testing Needs and Priorities
Defining Mission Requirements for Hypersonic Operationalization  
Advancing Critical Manufacturing and Engineering Competencies

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