March 31 - April 02, 2020 | Washington DC

Hypersonic Weapons Spring 2020 Agenda

Hypersonic Weapons Spring 2020 Agenda

The age of Hypersonic Weapons is upon us. In light of the rapidly growing capabilities of this game changing munitions technology which enable and allow for global strike capabilities much faster than conventional means, IDGA‘s Hypersonic Weapons events series has been established to comprehensively analyse and enable the realization of next generation capability. Building on the success of our inaugural  Summit, the 2nd Annual Hypersonic Weapons Summit will provide a continuation and more thorough review of ongoing hypersonic capability development in order to capitalize on Military advancements.

Join IDGA’s Hypersonic Weapons Spring Summit for the unique opportunity to not only learn from those leading the technology revolution, but also to stake your own place in this rapidly evolving community.

Topics Covered Include:

• Fielding Challenges

• Service Roadmaps and Hypersonic Strategy

• Guiding Propulsion and Material Development

• Advancing Partnership Development to Ease Unity of Efforts

• Testing Opportunities and Initiatives to Bolster Integration

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