Developing Effective Tracking, Modelling, Preparation, Response and Recovery Strategies for Hurricane Management

Since the 1980s, hurricanes have increased in frequency, intensity and duration across the North Atlantic. Category 4 and 5 hurricanes have also each seen an uptick in frequency over the past few decades. The 2020 season saw 12 hurricanes form in the North Atlantic, which has only happened three times so far in recorded history, and is the first time there has been that many hurricanes since 2010. The cost in both loss of human life and property of such storms can be substantial. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey took the lives of 107 people and caused over $125 billion in damage, the highest figure ever for a single hurricane, while other large storms like Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina have made devastating impacts on the cities, infrastructure, environments and people caught in their path.

Within the United States there is significant interagency collaboration to help mitigate the damage to life and property caused by hurricanes. This comes through developing effective resiliency planning and hazard management; enhancing emergency and disaster preparedness; executing more accurate weather and meteorological modelling using the latest tools and technology; engaging in effective operational coordination after hurricane events; and finally, implementing recovery strategies. The 2021 Hurricane Management Virtual Summit will bring into focus the dynamics of hurricane weather modelling, resiliency, preparedness, response, and recovery. It will include retrospectives of the 2021 hurricane season, where speakers can extrapolate what worked, lessons learned and ideas and solutions for the future.

This event will serve as a forum for leaders from federal government agencies, state and local emergency management agencies, law enforcement, the military, academia, and industry to network and discuss the latest trends, ideas and solutions within the meteorological and emergency management field, with the ultimate goal of enhancing interagency coordination and collaboration.

This Digital Summit will be taking place completely digitally within the Brella platform, which has extensive networking capabilities.

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2021 Focus Areas to Include:

Emergency Management Coordination

Effective Planning and Resiliency Efforts

Critical National Infrastructure Protection

Innovative Technologies for Emergency Managers and Meteorological Experts

The Role of Law Enforcement, Fire and EMT in Hurricane Response and Planning

Communications Planning and Execution

Hurricane Response Summit Speakers Include:

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