Novetta Entity Analytics

Novetta Entity Analytics combines data from multiple sources and produces advanced 360-degree views of real-world entities and their relationships to other records and entities.  This white paper provides technical readers with a walkthrough of the processes Novetta Entity Analytics uses to combine data from multiple sources and rapidly resolve and publish information about real-world entities contained within that data. Download to learn more

Novetta Cyber Analytics

Novetta Cyber Analytics is an advanced network-traffic analytics solution that empowers analysts with comprehensive, near real-time cyber security visibility and awareness, filling a critical gap in today’s enterprise cyber security toolset. With queries that take only seconds ‒– even at Petabyte network traffic scale ‒– the solution enables analysts to receive comprehensive answers to complex questions “at the speed of thought,” then instantly access the ground truth network traffic needed for alert triage, incident response and hunting. Find out more about it here

Working With Images and Videos at Scale: Solutions for Law Enforcement

If you would like to learn about how Cloudera can provide Solutions for law enforcement when working with images and videos at scale, take a look at this whitepaper today!