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Homeland Security Week 2019 Sponsorship Prospectus

The 14th Annual Homeland Security Week (HSW) will gather homeland security stakeholders and industry providers alike to take a deep dive into current challenges and future requirements necessary for numerous government agencies, all directly or indirectly responsible for U.S. homeland security, to facilitate a complex, joint, multi-layered plan that will combat the evolving challenges our country faces - all while ensuring the support of the communities they serve. HSW will offer industry providers the unprecedented opportunity to showcase their capabilities and network with the most influential collection of stakeholders under one roof, at one time!

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DHS Funding Priorities & the 2020 Budget For Increasing Cyber Security Resilence

National security is currently at the forefront of this White House administration's agenda. With the increase of threats and challenges facing our nations security the DHS has not only increased its 2020 budget but has dedicated billions of dollars to improve it's efforts in cyber and physical security. The recent creation of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency ( CISA) one priority next year is to focus on protecting the Nation's critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats, requiring collaboration between both government and private sector organizations.

Ahead of the 14th Homeland Security Week in Washington D.C. we compiled this exclusive report that breaks down the top physical and cyber security investment priorities and budgets for FY20 within the DHS and CISA.

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