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The Homeland Security Week team would like you to know that in light of the recent spikes of COVID-19, with CDC and WHO guidelines alongside our Military partners'input, we have taken the decision to host the Summit digitally. We're pleased to announce it will be on Brella, our networking platform that has delegates setting upwards of 30-35 individual meetings per event! We're thrilled to share in this opportunity in the digital landscape as safely as possible.

The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement is thrilled to once again host our esteemed Homeland Security Week Summit this December 7-9, 2020, this for the first time digitally. Our HSW is a staple across the Defense and Security sectors for US markets, one that has continuously served as the beacon for defense to industry collaboration, capability development and lessons learned. This senior-led Summit will highlight the ongoing efforts to empower knowledge sharing and collaboration with those across the Military, Defense, Law Enforcement, Industry and Academic sectors at the local, state and national level.

Within the current operating environment, varying stakeholders across the Defense & National Security frameworks have been quickly reminded about two of the most important tenants of effective Homeland Defense: Readiness and Agility. The COVID-19 ecosystem has elevated the needs to remain ready and agile to meet any emerging threat that potentially could alter our way of life in the USA. These rapid changes to our daily life highlight an enabling need to be forever prepared, even for those threats we cannot yet comprehend. It is for this highlighted reason that collaboration across the Defense and Security sectors are more important than they ever have been.

With this in mind, IDGA is pleased to once again host our HSW, an opportunity to collaborate with 50+ speakers and 375+ attendees in what is widely considered the most well-represented Homeland Defense and Security conference CONUS. With representatives spanning the most relevant Homeland Defense organizations, our HSW will focus on themes including Border Security, Cybersecurity, emerging sUAS threats, intelligence sharing, FY2021 budget lines of effort , as well as a multitude of timely defense initiatives relevant to the current and future operating environment.

IDGA's aims to be the ear-to-the-ground leader for emerging threats across the Defense space, one that works hand in glove with our Defense partners to provide critical knowledge sharing at the point of need. Our HSW Summit offers panel discussions, multiple tracks, keynote sessions and multiple interactive discussion groups that provide multiple means to connect, share and learn. We look forward to welcoming you at this comprehensive summit this Winter!

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