Lori Vislocky

Technical Director National Vetting Center

Lori Vislocky currently serves as the first Technical Director of the National Vetting Center (NVC) within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In this role, Lori leads the Department’s efforts to develop reliable, scalable, and trusted cloud solutions in support of its screening and vetting mission; chairs the Interagency Technical Working Group; and leads a team of developers and engineers to develop cross-cutting solutions to address national security threats for the U.S. Government. She drives integration and coordination across mission, policy, and technical teams to provide complex and innovative solutions for a wide array of stakeholders including the Intelligence Community, law enforcement, and other national security agencies. Since joining the Department in 2014, she has overseen the design, development and operations of multidisciplinary teams, implementing complex cloud solutions with Intelligence Community partners to get timely, accurate, and comprehensive information to decision-makers. Her efforts pioneering emerging technologies and services have resulted in the implementation of many first-of-its-kind solutions for the Department. Prior to 2014, Lori served as an Intelligence Analyst for the Office of Information and Analysis at DHS, where she specialized in al-Q`aida and other Pakistan-based militant groups. In this role, she regularly authored intelligence assessments for the President’s daily brief. Lori earned her Bachelor of Arts in French and her Master of Arts in Global Security Studies from Johns Hopkins University

Digital Day 2 - July 29

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

16:00 The National Vetting Center: An Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Vetting

 The National Vetting Center (NVC) was created in 2018 through National Security Presidential Memorandum 9 (NSPM-9)to help address critical gaps in the vetting enterprise across the USG. The NVC’s primary mission is to coordinate and facilitate the use of sensitive and classified information from the Intelligence Community for those agencies charged with making vetting decisions on applicants who are applying to enter the United States. The NVC’s first customer is US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), supporting CBP’s Electronic System Travel Authorization (ESTA) program. The NVC is in the process of onboarding two additional programs during 2022.  

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