Chris Westphal

Chief Analytics Officer Datawalk

Mr. Westphal is the Chief Analytics Officer for DataWalk and has worked extensively with domestic LEAs including FDLE, NYPD/RTCC, CMPD, FDLE, HPD, AZ-AG, NJSP/ROIC, HIDTAs, US Marshals Service, FBI (Organized Crime/Terrorism), DEA (lawful intercept), IRS-CID, and numerous prosecutors’ offices, sheriff’s offices, jails/correctional facilities, and various task forces (narcotics/gangs). He also worked internationally in over 40 countries with organizations such as the Hong Kong Police Dept, Australian Crime Commission, and Abu Dhabi Police. Mr. Westphal has published several books including Data Mining for Intelligence, Fraud, and Criminal Detection: Advanced Analytics and Information Sharing Technologies. (2008), CRC Press. All book royalties are donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF).

Digital Day 3 - July 30

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

15:00 Sponsor Session: Intelligence-Led Investigations – Overcoming the Data Stovepipes

Fusion centers, real-time-crime centers, task forces, and LE operations require an ability to search multiple sources for every investigation initiated. This entails potentially dozens of separate logins, queries, and output results to somehow get assimilated into a single, coherent report. This situation requires a significant amount of time to collect and collate the information while often diminishing the accuracy and quality of the overall investigation as it must be repeated for each new piece of relevant data, whether you need to look-up the subscriber of a phone number, the address history of a suspect, or the social media profile of a criminal. This presentation overviews innovative methods to access and process data from multiple sources “in context” using a secure federated-access model. The approach embeds connections and data interfaces to third-party content to save considerable time by not having to log into multiple systems to query and copy results. It ensures complete and accurate analyses conducted reliably in a shorter time with fewer resources. Real-world examples are used to demonstrate this capability and discuss alternative content including open-source, social media, and subscription services demonstrated using a variety of visualizations and link-charts.

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